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LittleField Salon Business Card
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LittleField Salon Brochure
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The Little Family history serves as the pre-written foundation for LittleField Salon's brand identity. Founder, Sara Little's grandparents moved to this establishments tight-knit community of Houghs Neck, on LittleField Street, in 1954. The salon is located in what was Sara's grandfather's business work shop. Within a few steps in any direction is the ocean. Its location is represented by the ocean inspired color pallet, symbol and tag line style by the sea. Family roots and community are present through interwoven motif in the LF sub-mark and of course, the name itself.

Amy designed my salon space and branded my business. The salon is unique and inviting. I am constantly complemented on the space. From the logo, to the website & all of my marketing materials, her branding vision is cohesive. The design translates across all of these different platforms beautifully. Amy's knowledge and professionalism as well as her ability to translate her vision to her customers will continue to make her a sought after designer. It was a pleasure collaborating & I look forward to working with Delve Designs on my future projects.

Sara Little

Founder, LittleField Salon

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