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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Happy Monday! Were you following along on my stories yesterday? If not you can check them out here in my highlights! I've been in the process of painting an abstract landscape mural in our half bath. Whenever I paint on a canvas I prefer to go big. This it my largest canvas yet & I loved every moment of it. This paint party (ok it was just me) is part of a bigger plan. I say bigger but the bathroom is only 5x5, so its really a.. smaller plan.


This wall sconce is currently already installed in the bathroom and is staying. It's the perfect balance of a little bit industrial, yet classic in form and charming with milk glass shades. Unfortunately, they no longer make this exact one as I bought it a few years ago.


It took me a while to decide on the right mirror. I wanted it to be smaller than 24" so it didn't bump into the corner of the wall when it was hung. Also it needed to be unique enough to stand out, but not too much of a statement that it competed with the wall mural. This fit the bill with a leather strap to give instant character and charm with simple modern lines and an artisan hand-wrought iron frame.


Currently, the bathroom has a pedestal sink. Which does just about nothing for us both in function and looks. Therefore top on the list is a new vanity. This will give us more storage and more counter surface space for hand soap etc. Even a standard bottle of hand soap barely fits on the one we have now. I love that it has a tilt down top drawer (like you see in kitchens in front of the sink) so we can hide the electric tooth brush. It also comes with gold hardware so I'll swap out the nickel when we install it.


Our current vanity has a 4" mini-spread, but the new one holds an 8" wide-spread. Which although that requires replacing a faucet I'm happy with - it is much easier to clean around a widespread, am I right!? We can use the one from the half bath to update our on suite bath so it won't go to waste. The one I decided on has contemporary styling and modern elegance. Similar to the one we have now it has sleek lines, a high-arc spout and a matte black finish.


The door paint color is what got thing whole thing rolling. We replaced all of our "cardboard" doors with solid hardwood ones (craigslist steal) as one of the first house projects. I'll save the details for another post, but we decided to paint all of the doors High Tea by Sherwin Williams. This color did not go well with the room color I had picked when we painted the house prior to moving in. It was more important to me to pick the door color we both wanted instead of worrying about how it would go with certain wall colors - as that is easy to change. Check out my instagram highlights where I talk more about the paint colors and why they didn't work together.


The cutest little restroom sign there ever was. I know - who woulda thought I'd be using restroom sign and cute in the same sentence, yet here we are! This is currently on our door.


I'm not a huge fan of faux floral but dried florals I can get behind. Autumn Banksia is native to Australia and South Africa but I can't help but bring these beauties up to the mountains of NH. This will bring a nice change of color and texture to the room.


What I am a big fan of is pottery. The reactive glaze on this looks like it was made for the room with the colors I used in the walls. No direct link here - I got this from Home Comfort, the design studio/showroom where I practice.


This space needs some natural warmth. A reclaimed wood shelf will be just the thing. This image here is just for reference. I am going to attempt to make one with left over materials we have. If my attempt fails I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is a carpenter to fall back on.


The background image of this mood board gave me a sense of visual direction for what I had in my mind for the mural. There are so many vintage moody landscapes circling the interior design world right now and I thought I would give it twist by putting it on my walls not in a frame but as a mural. Originally we were thinking of wallpapering this bathroom because the walls are in rough shape, and we still might eventually. For now I used paint we already had left over from samples or other rooms in the house to make a similar impact that you get from wallpaper. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!

I'm going to wait until the space is fully installed until I reveal the final outcome of the mural. For now here is a teaser for you or you can check out my instagram stories for an in color glimpse into the process. Up next I have to paint the trim, patiently wait for the vanity to arrive (it's almost been a month!) DIY attempt a wood shelf, and then install everything!

Thanks for stopping by!

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