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Here it is in all its glory! The Millbrook project is underway. It is a 1500 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath single level spec home in Thornton NH. It sits on a beautiful cleared lot and has wonderful neighbors (my in-laws) =). I was fortunate enough to be brought on board to the project early on. I may be biased but I think this decision will give this house an edge in the market and the plan is to have it sell for more than originally expected!

Did you know you should bring your designer on during the beginning of a project to help make all of your finish selections and make recommendations to the plans? Its not just all paint colors and pillows over here. At this point we've seen a lot of houses and while we may not know everything we sure can help give a lot of guidance based on what we've seen work well and.... not so well. I'm always glad to collaborate with a willing builder as sometimes designers can be viewed as a bit of a thorn. Especially as women with opinions in a male dominated field. Not only that but it can be a tricky balance of staying on budget while delivering a high end finished product. A challenge I am certainly up for.

I thought it would be fun to approach this project with you as if you were the client. I will present you the same options I am presenting to my client, the builder, and you get to vote via instagram stories. In the end, of course, it will be up to the client to decide what he wants to move forward with. After all, being a spec house, we are building for the taste and opinion of the general public so I would love to hear what you all think!

First thing we will be looking at is exterior elements. The only thing that was decided and ordered before I came on board (besides the floor plan) was the exterior windows in an almond finish, and board and batten siding. I was really nervous when I heard almond windows, but I finally saw them in person last week and they are really lovely.

When working on a project like this we want to try and keep it classic with some modern upgrades and a few forward thinking ideas. Stay tuned and follow #millbrookproject on instagram for updates.

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