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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

This week I will be sharing with you the first in a series of Weekly Wants. Some weeks I might feature a brand or theme but for this week its about things I've recently or frequently purchased, something that I have my eye on and a very important human rights issue!


The most important thing I want right now is not something material but an issue of human rights. This blog is new to me, and you are new to the blog, so I just want to put it out there that this is a topic I will be covering regularly both in and out of reference to the design world. Systemic racism is a major problem in our country. What I want is for us all to be more open minded and active in understanding in what forms systemic racism oppress BIPOC. Then from there learn how to become better allies and become active in anti-racism. I encourage you to start by watching the documentary 13th on Netflix.


When I first saw this coffee table book I knew it was going on my Christmas list (yes I'm 30 and still make a Christmas list)! My first date with my partner was 5 years ago in a climbing gym. He taught me to climb and it was a great foundation for our relationship & communication. We live about 15 minutes from an outdoor climbing area now and in our first year of moving up to NH spent a few days a week there climbing. My Aunt had a coffee table book which featured the iconic Yoko and Lennon nude. I still remember my reaction sitting on her couch the first time I saw that page as a kid. Moral of the story: my partner and aunt made me do it.

The best part? If you purchase from this link you will be supporting a black female owned independent shop!


I love their candles! My go to scent is Warm Tobacco Pipe. Scents can be so personal and nostalgic. Whenever I light this one I'm instantly taken back to my Aunt and Uncle's home in New Hampshire. Interestingly enough I live only 15 minutes from that house now, but as a kid I lived in another state. Growing up we would visit a few times a year and those visits hold such an important memory for me. The wide pine floors, my aunt baking, my uncle's warm smile, and exploring the woods with our cousins.

Other scents I love are patchouli oud, smoked birch and amber teak. These all have an earthy base which I prefer. Also I opt for the wood wick. Nothing like a good crackle! Most are soy based but they also offer wax blends for those watching their soy intake.

Confession: I use their room & linen spray as perfume.


This console table has so much soul. Its made of walnut - one of my favorite woods. Is it weird to have a favorite wood? My living room could use some walnut soul in it. No direct link here - this from the design studio/showroom where I practice if you are interested just reach out to me.


Do you love visiting national parks? I've been to a few and Zion has been one of my favorites. I can't wait to tick more off of my list! These pennants make such fun and unique wall decor to remind you of your favorite nature haven.


Guys, I ordered this pillow on May 5th and just received it on Tuesday (along with my vanity that I've been waiting a month for) and it was like Christmas Morning! They add such beautiful craftsmanship, colors and texture to space. There are many floating around on the internet but this etsy shop has great prices and provided wonderful customer service when my first shipment went missing.

I'm still trying my best not to order too much online because I know the system is still overwhelmed due to the global pandemic. I've probably cut my online shopping by about 1/4 or maybe even more especially by halting all purchases from Amazon. Have you been making any personal changes to try to relive the impact on overwhelmed industries during this time? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

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